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Kutamba School of Performing Arts at Sheffield university 14 April 2013. Part of a memorial concert to Mandla Sibanda and Simon Banda of Sunduza dance Theatre in Bulawayo. We are exploring ideas around Climate Change led by Richard Mahachi

Kutamba Dance

Join Richard Mahachi in exploring Climate Change through Southern african dance every tuesday and wednesday night in Sheffield UK check out the great dance spaces at You dont have to be an expert or a textpert just an extraovert. We love beginners to the sound of our drums and we get stylishly fit  at the Living Well Club in the Hilton Hotel on a wednesday you dont have to be a club members to join us; and at the Burton Street Foundation on a Tuesday. Its a great way to keep fit. Check out our recent show at the Firth Hall in memory of our founding dancers and lets take the messages to the people


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